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LWC is a specialist workshop fully OMEGA authorised to carry out high quality watch repairs and servicing. We can look after your watch and perform factory quality servicing and refinishing procedures. All work is completed using non marking tools to preserve the aesthetic condition of your watch and its component parts. Every service is warrantied for a full TWO YEARS.

LWC is committed to serving the OMEGA collector and enthusiast community worldwide. 

For some time now LWC has been regarded as being able to provide high quality servicing and restoration to the OMEGA Cal 321 as found in all the Pre Moon Speedmaster models. To that end, many parts are kept in stock.

Please click on the pdf icon below to download the 2024 OMEGA Servicing Price List - Please note that 'Additional Services' (except for Case and Bracelet refinishing.) Certificates of Authenticity or Extracts of the Archive are not available through LWC. 

Click to download 2024 current pricing >>>



LWC can restore your vintage OMEGA while retaining its character and value

Re-lume Work

LWC can re lume the dial, hands or bezel insert of your vintage OMEGA with a safe alternative to vintage Tritium paint that has the same look and texture.



LWC has the equipment and skills necessary to restore the case of your vintage OMEGA. We specialise in almost all the hard to recreate finishes as applied to vintage OMEGA timepieces.

The Team

The LWC Team




Q. Does LWC follow OMEGA guidelines, procedures and quality standards for servicing OMEGA timepieces? 

A. Yes! LWC has invested heavily in the correct tools and has set up the workshop to be fully compliant with OMEGA standards. All work is completed with reference to OMEGA guidelines and standards.

Q. Will LWC return all old parts removed during an overhaul to me?

A. Yes! LWC will return the parts removed during service back to you packaged separately. These parts belong to you, they should not become the property of your Watchmaker once the service is complete.

Q. I want to buy parts for my OMEGA watch case or movement, will LWC sell me OMEGA parts? 

A. No, LWC has not and never will sell OMEGA parts to either the general public or other Watchmakers. Selling parts is against the policies of OMEGA, however in line with that same policy LWC can supply new 'accessories' such as OMEGA bracelets, buckles and straps. Please note that any strap, bracelet or buckle currently made by OMEGA will also be available through any official OMEGA retailer. 

Q. I have an OMEGA watch that I would like to modify, can LWC modify my watch or bracelet?

A. LWC will not modify a customers existing timepiece or bracelet.

Q. I would like to have an OMEGA watch custom built to my specifications, can LWC do this for me?

A. According to OMEGA policies LWC does not build OMEGA watches from parts.

Q. On what brands of watches will LWC perform a service or restoration?

A. LWC will only restore or service OMEGA timepieces. 

Q. What brands will LWC refinish cases for? 

A. LWC will refinish OMEGA cases, some Audemars Piguet and some Patek Philippe models. Please email if you have another brand of watch and need case work. Please note however, LWC no longer will perform case refinishing on steel ROLEX models, SEIKO or any watch with a plated case.

Q. My watch case has been over polished previously, can you build it back up by welding metal back onto the edges of the case?

A. Currently this is not possible with the micro welding equipment that LWC uses.



Q. Can I phone LWC to discuss the work I would like done to my watch?

A. All communication is via email. This is to ensure both parties have a record of the instructions that have been given in regards to the repair or restoration of the watch. This also keeps interruptions to a minimum while working on customers watches, meaning complete attention can be paid to the job at hand. 

Q. I have a watch in for service at LWC and would like a progress update.

A. LWC will give a timeframe for the work requested, if this timeframe is to be exceeded due to parts availability or unforeseen issues with the job then you will be notified before the due date. Please do not contact LWC for general progress updates. This takes up valuable time that could otherwise be spent completing work.


Shipping and Postage;

Q. I live in Perth, Western Australia too and would like to drop my watch off for assessment or servicing. where are you located? Or can we meet up so I can hand the watch to you?

A. The LWC workshop is not open to the public, all jobs must be mailed or couriered in. This is primarily for security reasons and time restraints. Due to a consistently heavy workload it is not practical to arrange to meet clients around Perth.

Q. I live in Australia and would like to send my watch in for servicing or repair, what is the best method?

A. LWC recommends using Express Post with signature on delivery added. Pack the watch with bubblewrap or similar and place in a study small carton. 

Q. I live in the USA / Europe / Asia and would like to send my watch to you, do you accept work from clients in other countries? 

A. Yes, LWC will gladly accept work from anywhere except Russia or Belarus. If you prefer, LWC can organise a collection from you directly using DHL Express.

Q. Does LWC provide shipping Insurance?

A. Yes, this is optional and can be purchased directly by the owner of the watch from Secursus - Click Here to go to their site.




Q. What payment methods does LWC accept?

A. LWC accepts international bank transfers or Paypal payments. Credit card payments can be made through Square or PayPal.


Contact LWC

Please check the FAQ above before sending your message - requests to modify your existing watch (except with an LWC bezel insert) or buy/build/source a 'Watchco' SM300 will no longer be responded to. 

If you are located in Perth WA, the workshop IS NOT open to the public, all watches must be couriered or posted to LWC.

Success! Message received.

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