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Reproduction of the bezel insert used on 2915-3 / 2998-1 / 2998-2 Speedmasters.


MoonWatch Only Reference; A5 Style 1.


NOT suitable as a replacement for ceramic inserts without a spacer. please contact LWC for more information.


The LWC bezel inserts are reproduced using original vintage inserts as templates. This ensures the correct fonts, sizes and alignments for each style.


These inserts are produced using a matt finish military grade anodised aluminium. This offers 6x the resitance of standard grade anodised alumimium to abrasion and scratching. It is essentially impervious to UV fading and is highly resistant to damage from chemicals.


The LWC production method is different from the original method used in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s and so is the material. For these reasons, the inserts are not an EXACT reproduction. Every insert is also engraved on the reverse side with a repeating 'LWC' motif so it's origin is clear.


Each insert is produced entirely at the LWC Workshop in Perth, Western Australia. A Fibre laser engraver is used to engrave and cut each alumimium blank to the correct specifications. From there it is hand finished and cleaned, checked for 'snap' fitment into a standard genuine Speedmaster steel outer bezel and carefully packed for delivery. 


The Anodised Aluminium meets the following Military standards; MIL-STD 130N, MIL-P-514D and MIL-STD-15024F, Type L


Please note; the material is scratch resistant NOT scratch proof. 

Tachymetre Base 1000 Bezel insert

  • If you are having trouble fitting the insert please let me know so I can help. There may be issues with the very early Pre Moon Speedmasters although I have tested and measured as many as I could find. If your factory bezel is dented on its edge, this may cause the insert to not seat correctly, just as it would with a new factory insert. If the old factory adhesive is not removed before fitting the new insert, this will also cause it to not fit correctly. 

    If the insert you have purchased is damaged during fitment, I will replace it. 

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