The OMEGA timepieces available on the LWC website are not your ordinary dealer stuff, as a Watchmaker, I'm constantly striving to do the best work possible using industry best practice and the latest factory OMEGA workshop procedures. Having full access to Omega parts means if something is worn or cosmetically not great, it will be replaced with a genuine OMEGA part.


All of these watches run as well as it is possible to make them, they look as pristine inside as they do outside and I'm happy to stand behind my work and back it up 100%. All the work that is done on these watches is done by me, nothing is outsourced. I do everything right down to the final packing and sending. A true one man show! 


Terms and Conditions; 

I will include DHL Express delivery with each sale and a 24 month warranty

( except where noted ) on workmanship and operation. Insurance with Secursus is optional.


Preferred payment within Australia is by Bank Transfer. Paypal is accepted however, this is plus the 3% Paypal fee. All sales in Australia will come with a GST invoice so the tax can be claimed if travelling. Credit Card payments can be made through Square or Paypal


International payment methods are by Bank wire or Paypal (+3.6% fee for Paypal). Credit Card payments can be made through Square or Paypal